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royalty free textures

Welcome to alter textures.

This website is devoted to rare organic and nature textures, and we will do our best to bring you outstanding hand picked textures from our vast collection of images.

We are a team of photographers working in the Balkans, Mediterranean and south Europe for a decade, capturing timeless beauty of true nature. Specializing in outdoors on location photography we currently have a collection of several million images in our stock. This website is an effort to present only a tiny fraction, it would not be possible for us to include this vast archive in a web server organized manner. In case you are looking for a spesific image in this area, chances are there is available in our archive even if you do not see it in this website at the moment. Please contact us at with your questions and spesific needs explained. We will do our best for a reply with a solution as soon as possible!

Very high quality, very low price, royalty free stock texture images


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Fresh grass closeup Fresh grass natural green vegetation. Closeup photo of vivid green winter grass, taken in a cloudy day. This is another fresh grass stock texture, photographed in a cloudy winter day Click for Fresh grass closeup details
Short grass vegetation Short grass vegetation in a spring meadow with some soil and short plants. Original meadow landscape photographed during spring of 2011, resulting in a spring grass photo with fresh green light colors Click for Short grass vegatation details
Grass of Mediterranean Grass texture of Natural plantation and fresh vegetation , found in southern Mediterranean climate areas. Most of grass plants in this photo are wild, natural grass, self-planting in location of south Italy Spain and Greece. Original landscape photographed during spring of 2011, resulting in a spring fresh grass image of light green colors and medium height. Click for Grass of mediterranean details
Aged wall   Aged countryside wall, photographed during low light sunset, yet with excellent warm light balance, detail and sharpness. Click for Aged wall details

Original stone path texture coming from Venetian light house in Mediterranean. Digitally processed to make it seamless so that its ready to be used in 3D projects like gaming and 3D architecture applications

Stone path

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Old Venetian city walls texture, comes in png format and resolution 1024 seamless , ready to be used in 2d and also 3d projects. Original camera RAW file available upon request although raw would require some photo shop work on edges to make it seamless.

Venetian city walls texture

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In wall textures VOL1 we have hand picked textures of old stone wall constructions, including ruin walls textures. Those textures have an irregular asymmetrical construction, that enhances the realism of textures. Light is a crucial element at time of photography, adding an enhanced illusion of 3D depth of each and every stone piece of the wall, making all wall structural elements clearly stand out in full body depth.

Each wall texture is available for sale at low price, also depending on amount of photo shop work done. Some of those textures are created with seamless edges allowing horizontal tiling.


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