Wednesday, December 12 →

The lovely concept of Royalty-Free image licence in a single sentence:

No hidden costs: Buy stock image once, use as many times and in as many projects as you wish, for as long as you need!


The lovely concept of Micro-Stock image selling in a single sentence:

Very cheap too: Buy exclusive stock images at exceptionally LOW prices directly from photographers, PLUS royalty-free!



-ok ok…  wheres the catch?

There is NO “catch” whatsoever. Period. Hows that possible? Well, this is where the lovely concept of  …”internet” kicks in! Let the Entire World see a person’s work. When entire world looking for content is a possible client, then, yes, selling at such a low price and in such a “free” licence, can make a profit for the photographer! Profit is based in volume that a fair licence and a low price can bring.

-…got it!  But. hey… why most image banks still sell at crazy high prices? They must be making millions!

Aren’t you GLAD you found alter-textures ( and sure many other) website? :)

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